Carter Center: Site of Federal General William T. Sherman's field headquarters—the August Hurt House, no longer standing—on the grounds of the present-day Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

What to See: Your vantage point provides a panoramic view of downtown Atlanta comparable to the cityscape that Federal commander Major General William T. Sherman would have seen when he arrived at this high ground on the morning of July 22, 1864. The city's downtown today is in the same location where it was in 1864. Sherman, who commanded the three Union armies advancing on Atlanta, established his temporary headquarters at the Augustus Hurt House, no longer standing, at the eastern edge of today's Carter Library campus.

After reaching Hurt's unoccupied plantation home, Sherman and his staff ventured even closer to Atlanta—to a hillside near where you are standing—to get a better view of the city. Sherman's observation of Rebel troops occupying the eastern section of the city's fortifications provided confirmation that the Confederate army remained in Atlanta in force and would fight to hold it. Artillery and rifle fire aimed at Sherman and his staff forced their retreat to the Hurt House.

From there, Sherman had a sweeping view of the section of the battlefield to the southeast where late afternoon fighting would center around the home of Troup Hurt (stop 11 on this tour), Augustus Hurt's older brother. Sherman witnessed a successful Confederate attack against an entrenched Union line. His proximity to the fighting enabled him to direct cannon fire that hindered the Confederate advance.

A counterattack by Federal infantry ended the Rebel threat. Although the tree line south of where you are standing obscures the sweeping battlefield view that Sherman had, you can visualize his advantageous position from the Cyclorama painting's depiction of the Yankee commander on horseback and by locating the Augustus and Troup Hurt houses on a battlefield map.