Delta Park: Sector through which two Confederate divisions moved eastward and aligned themselves for a frontal assault against nearby Federal infantry. The attack opened the climactic phase of the Battle of Atlanta.

What to See: Two Confederate Divisions, commanded by Brigadier General John C. Brown and Major General Henry D. Clayton, moved eastward from behind Atlanta's inner fortifications through this sector on the afternoon of July 22, 1864. As they approached the battlefront east of here, Brown's and Clayton's Divisions aligned for an attack against the Federal 15th Corps, posted just west of present-day Moreland Avenue in a north­–south line that straddled the Georgia Railroad (now the right of way for the MARTA commuter line and CSX railroad).

Brown's Division, spearheaded by Brigadier General Arthur M. Manigault's Brigade, surged against the entrenched Union troops, broke the Yankee line, and briefly captured the Troup Hurt House and the nearby De Gress Battery. This was the most notable Confederate success in the Battle of Atlanta.

The assault launched by Brown's and Clayton's divisions was part of a broader Confederate offensive against the Federal Army of the Tennessee, which became a two-pronged attack sometime between 3 and 4 p.m. At that time, Confederate commander General John Bell Hood ordered Major General Benjamin Franklin Cheatham's Corps to join Major General William J. Hardee's Corps. For the first three hours of fighting, Hardee's four divisions mounted attacks against the far left of the Union line, which held Leggett's Hill and an entrenched line south of the Georgia Railroad.

Hoping to aid Hardee's troops, Hood instructed Cheatham's Corps to attack the Federal 17th Corps, which remained in control of the hill, and move simultaneously against the Federal 15th Corps, astride the Georgia Railroad. Cheatham mobilized his troops, comprised of Brown's, Clayton's, and Stevenson's divisions, from behind Atlanta's eastern fortifications and deployed them in a battle line that extended for more than a mile. Stevenson, on Cheatham's right, attacked first and charged against the Federal 17th Corps defending Leggett's Hill. Brown and Clayton, Cheatham's middle and left, respectively, followed Stevenson into combat.